The Electric Elevator Pads is an invention that will help protect the overall integrity and aesthetics of interior wall elevators. It is fitted with an eletric motor and can be controlled remotely. The interior walls of an elevator are prone to acquiring dents, scratches and scrapes caused by bulky and sizable items being delivered. This elevator acessory invention keeps the walls covered every time it is being used for deliveries, thus preventing physical damages to the goods from causing unsightly damages. Asides from preventing physical damages to the elevator wall, the Electric Elevator Pads is money-saving device that aids in lowering an elevator’s monthly maintenance costs.


Maintaning the aesthetics and the funcionality of buildings, whether used for residential or commercial pruposes, takes up time and money. And when it comes to elevator maintenance and repairs, it is imperative that is constantly being checked for damages. The Electric Elevator Pads is an ideal invention to help maintain the neatness and overall aesthetics of elevator walls in these establishments. Damages to an elevator, no matter how great or small will eventually, there will be a need to replace the interior panes. Whit the aid of this elevator acessory invention, the walls are efficiently protected whenever it is being utilized to deliver bulkier items such as furniture and household appliances.

I was at an elevator at a building and noticed how inconvenient it was to manually install the pads each and every time it would be used to transport something bulky. Even more inconvenient for residents who would be unable to use the elevator in the mean time until staff would be available to remove the Pads." Says inventor Jaciel Oliveira. "Today with Electric Pads, these problems will cease, and protection of the elevators with great practicality, safety and peace of mind.

One the most important things that building administrators need to maintain is the cleanliness and pristine appearance of the building both inside and out. And with the Electric Elevator Pads, the interiors of elevators will aways be kept scratch and dent-free

The Electric Elevator Pads is a technological invention that will keep the interiors of elevators neat and aesthetically pleasing at all times.


With the Electric Elevator Pads, the aesthetics of elevator interiors are now kept scratch and damage-free, thus making it a good investment.

Provides ample protection.

Makes passenger elevators convenient to use when delivering bulky items such as furniture and household appliances

Lessens the expenses on maintenance and repairs

Efficiently covers and protects all four walls of the elevator.

Can be modified or customized to accommodate an elevator’s size and design.

Eletrically powered and uses a switch mechanism and remote control for your convenience

Cannot be tampered with because the switch mechanism is located at the security office

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